"Thanks Design 7 Seven! It worked great in the gold plaster and top glaze over the metallic plaster. Thanks!"

~Tim & Camet Runkle
Beautiful Brushworks!


"Remarkable Product! It is truly the best glaze I've used. The longest open time!"

~Jayne Zimmerman-hibachi


"I can't say enough about the awesome Design 7 Seven glaze is."

~Catherine Leigh Borelli

"We used Design 7 Glaze for the first time on this recent project and to say we pushed this product to the max is an understatement. We had almost given up on not getting some sort of dry lines when glazing, we have tried them all over the 20 years of creating wall finishes. The open time on this glaze is crazy amazing and the strap down wowed us. To get the depth of color we wanted we able to lay down another layer of glaze while the first layer was wet and did not pull any of the first layer off and there is no such thing as dry lines with this glaze. Design 7 will be our go to glaze from now on. Thank you from Minnesota Sandra for creating such a great product. "

~Melonee Lamb


"I LOVED having Design 7 Seven for the Metallic Glaze on this ceiling!!! I will never approach a ceiling finish without it again!!!"

~Deb Drager


"I rarely, ever, endorse a product...Design 7 Seven by far exceeds my expectations of an H2o glaze. Masses of 'Thumbs Up'".

~Tish Inman
Gotcha Covered