Design 7 Seven Launch Update

It's been a few weeks since we launched at the 2014 IDAL Convention in Ft. Worth, Texas and things are going great.  We had an amazing time getting to meet all kinds of great folks and artists!

Honestly, the response was overwhelming!  People were extremely excited to see a new glazing product on the market and we heard lots of good feedback from the people who got to try it out during their classes.  We met hundreds of incredibly supportive and kind people who we'd love to hear back from!  Let us know what you'd like to see from Design 7 Seven in the future and how you've used your sample that you received at the show!

Tweet us your pictures of how you've used Design 7 Seven Glaze here @Design7Seven

Our Twitter Page is brand-spankin-new, so be sure to follow us and we'll follow you fine folks too!

As far as "updates" go, we're happy to tell everyone that the online Store is now live!  You can check it out by clicking "Store" on the homepage menu.  Also, we're still working on development for our additives such as the "mica solution" that some of you got to see at the show and colorants as well.  

...And finally, in somewhat surprising news, we almost sold out of all of our t-shirts!  Thanks so very much for the support everyone!  We've got just a few left, so we're looking into restocking more colors and designs.  So if you want to snag one of the ones that's left, or if you're interested in getting one in the future, than let us know.  Also, if you'd like to be on our email list and you didn't sign up at the IDAL show, let us know too.  You can get a hold of us anytime through our "Contact Us" page or by clicking here.

Again, our sincere thanks to everyone for their kindness and support.